Media List

The Media List is a bit of a wildcard, that opens up a lot of new possibilities for you and your digital signage solution.

The Media List makes it possible for you to display different types of apps in the same spot on your digital signage design. You can think of the media list like a moving box, where you put in different tools like the picture app, the youtube app, or the news feed. These apps will then be displayed in the order in which they are placed in the moving box aka. the Media List. In this way you can make your own little slide show, where you first show a picture, then a video and lastly a news feed.

Another thing that makes Media List smart is the fact that you can define, which users from your Q-Play account have can make changes to the different Media Lists. – Let’s take an example!

If you are a big company with stores all over the country. Then you probably have some mandatory content displayed on your digital signage, in all of your stores, which is controlled by the headquarters. However, often you would also display locally relevant content or sales offers. This is where the Media List comes in.

By assigning a specific Media List to the individual store, you can give the manager of that specific store access to control the local content, without him/her being able to change the mandatory content from headquarters.

In this way you can have customized content that is still aligned with the overall brand image of the company.


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