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Switch up the logo and images on your meeting room displays either for special occasions, events or just to indicate whether or not the room is in use.

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Being able to change the logo and image on your meeting room displays, provides you with several benefits.

First of all, it can help improve navigation and wayfinding. Customized displays can serve as effective navigation aids for visitors not familiar with your layout, thereby reducing time spent searching for a specific location. At the same times, the customized logo and background can be a way to reinforce your brand identity and visual element, which contributes to a cohesive and professional corporate image.

Secondly, this switch feature provides you with an element of visual communication. Changing the background image or logo based on room status (e.g., “In Use” or “Available”) or for special events makes it easier for users to quickly understand the status of a room. For instance, a red background could signify that the room is occupied, while a green background might indicate availability. This use of visual cues can streamline the process of finding and booking rooms, enhancing overall efficiency.

At the same time, event-specific customization of logos and backgrounds can add a unique touch that enhances the event experience. For example, if a particular meeting room is reserved for a themed workshop or company event, the display can reflect the theme or branding of that event, helping to set the right tone and expectation as participants enter the room.

Lastly, this feature helps increase flexibility and control. With the ability to customize the mentioned elements, facility managers have greater control over how information is displayed and can adapt the settings to best meet the needs of their specific workspace. This flexibility ensures that the booking system is not only functional but also a tailored fit for the company’s operational style and aesthetic preference.


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The purpose of Logo & Image Switch is to create solutions that are customizable to your needs.


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