Local Player Trigger

The Local Player Trigger invites you to imagine a world where your digital signage responds dynamically to the world around it, creating personalized experiences that captivate and engage.

Commercial billboard managed from Q-Play.

Easily Adaptable Content

 This feature is for digital signage owners who seek to elevate their content strategy. With the Local Player Trigger you can trigger specific content on your digital signage player based on predefined actions or environmental cues. Whether it’s a potential customer walking by a screen or a particular time of day, this feature ensures your content is not just seen, but also resonates with your audience.

Retailers, for example, can now showcase a commercial for aftershave as a man walks by, significantly enhancing the potential for sales through targeted content delivery.

Imagine the possibilities – content that changes based on the time of day, weather, or immediate interactions, ensuring your messages are always relevant and engaging.

ABOUT Local Player Trigger
A feature created for any business that wants to engage their audience more effectively by tailoring content in real-time.


Q-Play v2

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