LG screens make Beumer Group greener

With a Digital Signage solution from Q-Play, Beumer Group’s investment has helped reduce their power consumption. By using LG screens as well as our built-in app that works as a player, Beumer Group avoids having extra hardware running which contributes to extra power consumption.

Thus, Beumer Group has invested in a greener and more future-proof solution.

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Beumer group Digital Signage view

User-friendly Digital Signage solution

Beumer Group was looking for a very user-friendly digital signage system that they could build according to their own wishes. The choice fell on Q-Play, which met their needs.

For an international company, it has been important that users were free to choose their own language in the system so that they could feel at home. In addition, the Beumer Group wanted local news from news providers in Germany. This was quickly set up, ready for use by all customers.

Facts about Beumer Group:

  • 70 locations
  • 4.500 employees
  • Annual turnover of 950 Mio Euro
Beumer Group Digital Signage view screen

User management for several countries

With user management in Q-Play, more employees from both Denmark and Germany can contribute content to their screens. It is possible to give employees access to individual screens or individual areas on the screen. Thus, Beumer Group ensures that their content is always up to date.

For an international company, IT security is paramount to operations. Therefore, Beumer Group chose to use Q-Play SSO, which means the employee database in Q-Play follows the rights that Beumer Group has given the employees in their employee database (AD).

When replacing employees, the information is automatically updated in Q-Play. Users of the system also do not have to remember a new password.

Media list makes the screens intelligent

By using the “Media List” function in Q-Play, Beumer Group ensures that their content is displayed on the right screens, at the right time. They can also easily choose which screens they want the content to be displayed on.

In addition, Media List ensures that the design of the screens is the same and does not change. With many users in the system at once, this is an important feature.

Wide selection of Players

With offices in more than 70 countries worldwide, flexibility was essential. With a wide selection of players for i.a. LG, Windows, Android and Linux, Beumer Group could use existing hardware and thus save money.


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