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Promote your events on digital signage screens with information directly from KultuNaut. With the many design options in Q-Play, you can create your very own unique design.

Share Your Events

No cultural institution can exist without an audience, so it’s important to promote upcoming events in an effective way. A smart way to reach potential guests is by combining views from KultuNaut with Q-Play Digital Signage screens.

Using the KultuNaut app, you can easily integrate views of your local cultural events directly onto your signage screen. This gives you an automatically updated calendar of your upcoming events, which can be customized to your brand and combined with the many features of Q-Play.

Get KultuNaut to design an event view that perfectly fits your wants and needs. Once the view is ready, it you easily integrate it into Q-Play and combine it with other apps.

If you need inspiration on how to best utilize a Q-Play Digital Signage solution, visit our blog.

The combination of KultuNaut and Q-Play Digital Signage provides a smart and easy way to promote your cultural events, while also ensuring that your guests always have the latest information.


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About KulturNaut

KultuNaut has since 1996 collected and published information about public cultural events in Denmark. The events range from small local fairs to big festivals and concerts.

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