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Turn your whiteboard into a digital signage screen

Q-Play X i3-Technologies

Combining Q-Play Digital Signage with i3-Technologies, you turn your teaching tool into a communications platform. After x minutes without activity, your screen automatically starts displaying your custom digital signage content. Display everything from images to videos, lecture schedules, and homework deadlines. 


Create your perfect digital signage solution, that fits your needs. With the automatic on/off feature, your digital signage screen preserves power and is only on when needed.

With a cloud-based solution like Q-Play, you can manage your content, take screenshots and automate your signage screen from your computer.

Free Trial

Sign up for a free trial (no credit card needed) and see how easy it is to create your digital signage solution. NordicScreen also offers a personal online meeting with one of our experts, so you can see how Q-Play Digital Signage can benefit your company.

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About i3-Technologies

i3-Techonolgies specializes in creating interactive education solutions. They combine teaching tools into one simple-to-use solution optimized for your learning environment. 

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Supported Hardware
– i3 Technologies E-One 

Other Displays can also be utilized using an external player.

Take it for a spin … Free of charge

It doesn’t cost a penny to try out the system and we are ready to help if you have questions!


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1


Do you need help moving to Q-Play v2? Contact our support at [email protected] or at +45 71 92 62 22