How Canopy by Hilton uses their digital signage and meeting room displays

Canopy by Hilton is a lively hotel that creates the setting for a positive stay. It is a hotel for those looking for a stimulating and comfortable experience. NordicScreen helps to create this stimulating experience in the form of digital signage and meeting room displays.

Canopy by Hilton provides an overview for their guests

The hotel’s many guests and conference participants quickly get an overview with Q-Play Digital Signage and Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays from NordicScreen. On the digital signage, guests get an overview of all meetings in the different meeting rooms by combining our two products. In addition, guests are introduced to a COVID-19 video so they know how to take their security measures at the hotel. A local weather forecast in Baltimore is also relevant when visiting the city as a guest of the hotel. All in Canopy by Hilton’s own design.

Canopy Hotel screen showing Digital Signage
Meeting Room Booker at Canopy hotel

An automatic solution saves time

With an integration with Google and Office365, the customer does not have to update the content manually and thus saves a lot of hours. The automatic integration means that the hotel’s digital signage and meeting room displays are always updated with the content from their calendar. The entire solution is also updated automatically, so that new functions are automatically rolled out to all screens.

Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays

In front of each meeting room, the hotel has a Q-Cal meeting room display hanging, which shows an overview of meetings booked in the individual meeting rooms. Meeting room displays indicate with red or green LED light whether the room is vacant or occupied. With the Ad-Hoc booking option, guests can easily take a short meeting in the room without having booked the room before.

Q-Cal Meeting Room Display at Canopy hotel
Q-Play Digital Signage at Canopy hotel

Q-Play Digital Signage

All the day’s meetings in the hotel are displayed on a digital signage hanging in the lobby. The digital signage also shows the weather forecast to guests while the hotel shows their promotional video, photos and news from around the world. The digital signage is used without additional hardware, as the hotel uses our built-in LG Player, which can run on all LG professional screens. This means less support on hardware as well as much less power consumption.


Should Canopy by Hilton need support, there is free access to NordicScreen’s American support – with no time difference. In addition, they also have free access to NordicScreen 2nd level support in Denmark.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

Do you need help moving to Q-Play v2? Contact our support at [email protected] or at +45 71 92 62 22