Elegant Digital Signage in Odder Municipality

Information needs to be seen by everyone. NordicScreen has provided a Digital Signage solution to the Municipality of Odder, which is used in the job center to display news to users and employees. In addition, the municipality uses several of NordicScreen’s solutions, which make everyday life easier for the employees and give profits to focus on core tasks.

Digital Signage create an overview of the job center

The Municipality of Odder has chosen Q-Play Digital Signage from NordicScreen as a communication tool for the many visitors to the house. Q-Play’s many options allow municipal employees to create content that is only aimed at the job center’s users, employees or both.

Q-Play can easily be expanded with multiple screens and is therefore a perfect solution for the Municipality of Odder who wanted a flexible setup.

JobApp at Odder Municipality
Odder Municipality digital signage screen with JobNet integration

Show job listings on the screens

Odder Municipality has chosen to extend their Q-Play solution with the Q-Play Jobnet App, thus the municipality can show job listings directly from the national Jobnet database on all info screens. Integration with the national Jobnet database takes place completely automatically. The Q-Play Jobnet App allows you to select industries and geographies, so that the content that is broadcast on the screens becomes targeted and relevant.

Q-Play Company Templates

With Company Templates in Q-Play, the municipality’s employees can insert material and content on the screens. This allows more people to contribute content and make screens more interesting. The fact that several employees have the opportunity to insert material / content is completely standard in Q-Play. But with Company Templates, the municipality’s graphic department has the opportunity to set guidelines for the content that will be posted. This means professional designs that adhere to the visual identity and design lines, although there are many users.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1


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