Custom design

A custom design helps you create a unique meeting room display solution that matches your company brand.

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A Design That Fits Your Needs

With a unique design for your meeting room displays, you have complete control over the appearance of your meeting room displays. Opting for custom designs isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s a choice that can transform how you communicate within your workspace. By aligning the design of your meeting room displays with your brand and the specific preferences of your users, you not only boost engagement but also strengthen your brand presence, ensuring that every digital sign is both noticed and memorable. Custom designs can make a profound impact, leaving a lasting impression that drives genuine business outcomes.

If you’re not ready to tackle design work on your own, or if you lack in-house design expertise, feel free to leverage the graphic design services offered by NordicScreen. Our team is here to help translate your vision into a polished and effective display solution.

ABOUT Custom Design
Custom Design is a service meant to increase your options for customization based on your brand preferences.


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