CSS & HTML Editor

Let your inner developer loos and use the CSS & HTML Editor to adapt your Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution to your needs.

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Utelize the Skills of Your Developers

All companies are different, and even though you get a library of standard designs and solutions with your Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays solution, sometimes that just isn’t enough for your company.

Maybe you have special wishes, needs, or standards that your solutions need to comply with. That is why the CSS & HTML Editor was created.

With the CSS & HTML Editor, you can let loose your inner developer and make special adaptations to your solution. And if you don’t have a developer on hand, but still wish to make changes to the standard solutions, the NordicScreen team is here to help.

The editor was developed to accommodate those customers whose special needs have to be met.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

Do you need help moving to Q-Play v2? Contact our support at [email protected] or at +45 71 92 62 22