Integrate your calendar, create a good-looking design, combine with other features and share on digital signage screens, websites and/or conference room scheduling displays.

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Bring life to your data

Combining Q-Cal with your Conventus calendar, you turn your organizational tool into a communications platform. Based on your preferences, you can combine your data into a useful design. This design can then be shared on signage screens, websites, and/or meeting room booking displays, to provide you and your target audience with much-needed information. You can for example display which teams are playing against each other, what field they are playing at, and which lockerroom has been assigned to the home team, guest team, and the referee.


Create the perfect solution, that fits your needs. With the automatic updates the two-way integration ensures that you always have the latest information, both in your calendar and on your screens. With all NordicScreen solutions being cloud-based, you can manage your content and designs directly from your computer.
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About Conventus

Conventus is an organization tool that helps you digitalize a lot of the classical administrative tasks in an organization.

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