Advanced Player Management

Tailored for businesses and organizations of all sizes, this feature is the perfect tool for anyone looking to maximize the potential of their digital signage investments.

Quiet-N Windows player, with Q-Play and NordicScreen logo.

Take Control of Your Solution

Advanced Player Management is a digital signage feature, crafted for every digital signage user who wants comprehensive control over their display system. Whether you’re managing a single screen or a complex network of displays, this feature promises to simplify your operations, offering unparalleled flexibility and peace of mind.

The feature allows you to:

  • Take Live Screenshot: Instantly capture and review screenshots of the content currently displayed on your screens, ensuring your messages are delivered as intended.
  • Restart Player Remotely: Effortlessly restart your digital signage player software from anywhere, minimizing downtime and maintaining seamless content delivery.
  • Make Over-The-Air Software Updates: Keep your digital signage solution up to date with over-the-air software updates, ensuring optimal performance without the need for manual intervention.
  • Remotely Manage Content: Reload content and clear the player’s cache with a few clicks, ensuring your screens always display the most current and engaging content.

ABOUT Advanced Player Management
The purpose of this feature is to provide customers with as much freedom as possible to remotely manage and maintain their digital signage solution.


Q-Play v2

Q-Play v1

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