Work smarter, not harder – Only 13% of Danish Companies Do It!

Jan 24, 2022

Did you know that 68% only use their digital signage solution at one place in the company?

At the end of 2021, we had a look at our customers’ use of Q-Play and discovered that 68% of new customers only use their digital signage solution at one place in their company.

Internal & External Communication

At the same time, we could see a very clear difference in the way customers use Q-Play. Only 13% of customers use Q-Play for both internal communication and external communication with e.g. their customers. At the same time, it became clear that the vast majority only uses Q-Play for external communication.

It is clear that there is so much unused potential in the digital signage screen out there, that users can tap into and exploit. Creating awareness about this will definitely be something we will focus on here in 2022.

A digital signage solution and especially a cloud based digital signage solution has endless possibilities. Yes, you could even use the cliche saying only the sky’s the limit.

Funny enough, it might even be the vast amount of possibilities that end up stopping people from using Q-Play throughout the entire company and not just for e.g. Remote Product Promotion.

As a company in today’s market, you need to be present and active on several different communication platforms both some that are meant for potential customers and some that are meant for communicating with employees of the company, and with the increase of remote work the whiteboard in the canteen is no longer enough for spreading important internal information.

Digital signage hall

With a cloud based digital signage solution like Q-Play you can gather, not all, but some of your communication on one platform. You can connect all the screens you want to your Q-Play account, and when they are connected, you can sit comfortably in your home office and control all of them from your computer. No matter if they are in the canteen or in your stores. And, if you use our employee link, all your employees receive all your information at the home office as well.

From your computer, you can grab any content, easily design your own layout with product videos or important internal information, and share it on all your screens. Or, you can differentiate and time manage your content so you get timely and relevant content on all screens.

In a large company with 150+ employees, it is not relevant for Tina at the office to know about the status meeting in the warehouse. With Q-Play you make sure that only the involved employees get the information about the warehouse status meeting. This way you avoid flooding your employees with information. And, with the time management features, you can adapt the content even more, while still having a full overview and control of your solution.

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