Q-Play X96H Player

With a Q-Play X96H Player you get a powerful and fast player that easily connects to the HDMI port on your screen. The Q-Play X96H Player is for you who want to quickly get started displaying content on your screen. The player comes with Q-Play installed and ready for setup.


Reliable playback

Q-Play X96H Player is a well-tested Digital Signage Player built on the Android software that you probably know from well-known operating systems from touch screens and smartphones.

The player updates automatically, so you allways have the latest software versions.

The Q-Play X96H Player gives you access to Q-Play’s many features, so you can Grab, Design, and Share all the information you want.


Keep updated with Q-Play Editor

With this player you can always keep yourself up to date with:

  • Log files
  • Network status
  • Playback status with log file
  • Get screenshots from the screen *
  • Restart the player

* Does not apply to video


  • Supports HD quality
  • Offline cache of content
  • Automatic start-up, when hardware restarts
  • Screenshot *
  • Advanced kiosk mode
  • Auto update

* Does not apply to video


3 steps and you are up and running:

  • Connect to screen
  • Plug in power
  • Connect to netværk

Q-Play X96H Player Setup Guide