Digital Signage – made easy for everyone

Through Q-Play you create the best suited cloud based digital signage solution to help you increase engagement, efficiency, and sales. The user-friendly editor makes it possible for you to grab any kind of content and design a digital sign that you would be proud to share with your most valuable audience.

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With Q-Play you can grab any kind of information, easily design it, and share it with an unlimited amount of people.

With our vast variety of apps and players compatible with all types of screens, you can easily optimize your communication. – No matter what industry you are in.

In e.g. the retail industry most stores have digital screens displaying campaigns, new product promotions, and important information to customers. Imagine how much time and money you can save by not having to visit every single screen when you are launching a new campaign. This is what the cloud-based digital signage solution Q-Play gives you.


One Account, Hundreds of Screens

When signing up for Q-Play you get a company account. Meaning that, after connecting all your screens to your account, with one of our players, you control all your screens from one place. – Your computer!

With the intuitive and easy-to-use editor, you can design your digital signage solution to fit e.g. your office, canteen, storefront, or warehouse.

No matter where you want your communication to be seen, a digital signage solution from NordicScreen will help you take communication to the next level – fast, elegant, and efficient.

Apps for digital signage


Grab any content

Choose between our vast variety of apps that help you grab any kind of information and create your very own digital signage solution.
You can show pictures, videos, websites, keep your audience updated on traffic or/and the latest news, and much much more.

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Apps for digital signage


Design and visualise your content

You don’t have a graphic designer on hand? – No problem!
We have a professional designer ready to help bring your digital signage dreams to life.

With the intuitive and user-friendly Q-Play interface you can also create your own beautiful and professional design to display on all the screens you want.

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Peter, Director of Marketing and Communication @ Beumer Group

“The fact that we got a business partner with an international focus, who is reachable and good at giving advice was very important in our process of choosing a digital signage provider”



Share Your Content

Use one of our many design options and share your designs exactly how, when, and where you want them. Q-Play is a cloud-based digital signage solution. Meaning that you can manage all of your content from your computer. – No matter how many screens your digital signage solution contains.

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Anders, Operations Manager @ StayOnline

“We are very satisfied with our collaboration with NordicScreen. It is the perfect media player and software solution for cloud based management of your marketing”

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Plan & Billing

With Q-Play you can make your information come alive on your screens in a few minutes. And, with all your screens connected to Q-Play you can easily control all of them at once.

Make your communication easy and efficient with a Q-Play digital signage solution. Easy and affordable solutions scaling from a single screen to hundreds… Have fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about digital signage.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a digital version of your regular poster, but because of the editor that comes with the screen, it can do so much more than a static poster.
It is an easy way for you to use digital screens to communicate with your target audience.
With Q-Play you get a way to easily manage and show all types of information on your preferred screen.

What is digital signage used for?

Digital signage is very simply used for communication.

Digital signage solutions are often found in stores, offices, foyers, canteens, and warehouses. The digital screens are often placed as an effective way to communicate internally and externally.

External Communication

In stores and foyers a digital signage solution is primarily used to show campaigns, products, to tell the story of the company you are visiting, and much more… 

With digital signage you can display informative information in the school, the football club, the kindergarden or it can be used as an attention maker with commercial content – Restaurants often use a digital signage solution for displaying their prices and menu.

With Q-Play you can easily make changes and broadcast your price, menus etc. thereby saving time and money by not having to print new ones.

Internal Communication

In canteens, offices and warehouses a digital signage solution is primarily used for internal communication. With Q-Play you can easily show safety instructions, videos, pictures, Key Performance Indicators, news, and much more.

Many of our customers also find it very valuable to visualize the activities that go on in the company during the day e.g. by listing the upcoming meetings and where they take place.

With the many different apps and integrations in Q-Play there is an endless amount of possibilities as to what type of information you are able to display, with your digital signage solution.

What is the best digital signage software?

When choosing a digital signage software it is important to choose a solution that is easy and simple to use. Then both you and your colleagues can collaborate and contribute to the company’s communication.

If your solution is all that, and at the same time cloud based, so that you can control all of your screens from one place, no matter where in the world your screens might be. Then you know you are looking at a digital signage software solution that will help you communicate easy, efficient and trouble free

All that is what you get, with a Q-Play digital signage solution.

How digital signage works?

A digital signage solution works based on 3 simple principles


First, grab all the information that you want to share with the world. Second, use the easy to use editor to design your information in a beautiful way that matches your company’s brand and effectively convey your message. Last, share your design with all the people that you want. This is done by connecting your digital sign to your digital signage software with a media player.

How to get started on a digital signage solution?

Sign up for your free Q-Play account and you have started!

Then you decide what information you want to display on your screens. It’s important to remember that less is more. Otherwise, your screen can become cluttered, which can create confusions.

With your free account and your list of information, you can start exploring all the apps available in Q-Play. Maybe you have a design manual you need to stick to or maybe you have a beautiful design in your mind, with the many apps and settings in Q-Play you start making your design come alive.

We recommend using your website as a point of reference for your digital sign. Use the same colors and fonts to create a sign that corresponds to the overall image of your company.

When you are happy with your design, you decide which type of hardware to use, when publishing the design onto your digital screen. The player can be an external box or a player that is already built into the screen.

What is digital signage player?

A digital signage player is basically a small computer that broadcasts your design from Q-Play onto the screen of your choice.

Digital signage players come in all shapes and sizes. So which one should you choose? – Well that depends on your digital signage design. Do you e.g. want to show a lot of videos, then you need a player powerful enough to do so.

You can read all about our digital signage players and what they are capable of.

Maybe you don’t want the extra hardware of a player behind your screen. With Q-Play you can use a Sony Bravia 9.0 or LG professional screen as a player. Read all about it here.

Can you use digital signage as a tv?

With Q-Play as your digital signage solution you are able to view small news clips that help catch the attention of your audience. You can also always have a ticker running showing news headlines, weather conditions, traffic reports etc.

You are also able to show both your own videos and youtube videos in order to convey your messages and make your design pop out.

How much does digital signage cost?

A professional and userfriendly digital signage solution is not  expensive.

We are open and transparent regarding our prices, which mean that you can read all about our digital signage prices.


Why use cloud based digital signage?

Using a cloud based digital signage solution is a good idea, because it helps you streamline your work. Because, no matter if your screen is placed right next to you, on the next floor, or in another country you can control all of your screens from your computer.

With Q-Play you get a cloud based signage solution that can do it all. With Q-Play, you can not only control your screens from all over the world, but you also get an intuitive and userfriendly experience, when designing your solution.

When choosing Q-Play as your digital signage solution you can relax – we make sure that everything is running smoothly.