Have you ever wished that you could show a specific event from your calendar on your website?

Very often you have a need to share information from your calendar and onto your website. This could e.g. be in connection to an event your company is hosting.

With EmbeddedViews you are able to take data from your calendar and share it on your website or any other data systems that you could think of.
The way we help you share your calendar information across platforms is through a generated link from our Q-Cal platform. You can then add this link to a platform of your choosing e.g. your website, and through the link you are able to display your chosen information.

Furthermore, this way of sharing information helps you streamline your work process. This happens, because whenever you make changes in your calendar, the data on your website is automatically updated. In that way the information on your website will always correspond to the data that are provided by your calendar.