Check-In – a digital receptionist

With Check-In screens, you get a professional service and welcome to your guests.


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    Announce your arrival

    Let your guests announce their arrival directly on the screen with one touch. The person they are meeting will get notified and will be with the guest shortly. Even the delivery guy can push a button and be told where to go – nice and simple.

    This way your guests don’t have to talk to several people before being greeted by the person they actually wanted to see. And … you avoid interrupting all employees, whenever guests arrive. When combining your check-in solution with our Q-Play Digital Signage, you can have relevant content running on the screen while guests are waiting. – One solution, double value!

    Unexpected guests? – We have a function for that.
    When guests arrive without an appointment you choose what happens. Maybe a specific employee gets notified, or maybe you want the guest to ask for the person they wanna see. – That is completely up to you. No matter what solution you choose no one else except the relevant employee needs to be interrupted, making your company more efficient.

    The Check-In solution can be adjusted to your specific needs and can, beside the above, include features like e.g. parking registration, an active map, a meeting layout, and a carrier button.

    Reception check in stander