Digitize and Automate the Sharing of Your KPI Dashboards

Jan 10, 2022

KPIs and dashboards are used to monitor and evaluate the day-to-day progress and success of your company. Having the KPIs and dashboards shared on digital screens throughout the company can be a tool for team motivation, track of progress, and help you to reach your goals.

How Does it work?

Using a cloud based digital signage solution like Q-Play, you can easily share dashboards and KPIs in no time. Grab your KPIs, dashboards, and other types of information and design them using a drag-and-drop template. Place your content on the canvas, and create useful and aesthetic layouts. When your design is good to go, you can share your dashboards and KPIs with your colleagues so they can stay informed and become motivated by the latest numbers.

Due to Q-Play being a cloud-based digital signage solution, you can control all of your screens from your computer. You don’t even have to be in the same country as your screens. This means that you can differentiate the designs on each of your screens, making the KPIs and dashboards displayed in each location more relevant for that location. Let’s take an example:

For the people in your call center, the most important KPIs are the average wait time, how many are in the phone line, and which employees are available on the phone. Of course, they need a dashboard displaying these KPIs and not information like how many packages are waiting to be packed or which products to pack next. No, this information is important in your warehouse.

So, when designing the content for your digital signage screen in the call center you put in the call center dashboard/KPIs along with other relevant information like the weather, whose birthdays it is, or company guidelines. You do the same for the warehouse, except you use the dashboard telling them how many packages they have packed so far.

Signage solution in office showing Dashboard KPI's

Why you should have it?

Why do you have dashboards? – Well because they display important information that different people throughout your company need in order to do their job properly. No, coming up with the right KPIs and designing them in a nice dashboard is not easy.
When you have spent the time and money on creating these dashboards, you are left with the question of how to distribute them to your colleagues.

With a Q-Play Digital Signage solution you can put up screens in every room or area, where you want your dashboards display. By having all of your screens connected to Q-Play, you can now control all of them from your computer. So, now you don’t have to spend time going around the whole company hanging up A4 papers that no one ever read anyway.

From your computer you can design the content on each screen, so it is relevant for the people looking at it. And, you don’t have to print a single page. If designed correctly, the screens even update the KPI data automatically, whenever your dashboard is updated.

This makes your communication and display of KPI’s more efficient and less time consuming. – It might even save you some money.

Likewise, a cloud based digital signage solution provides you with a quick and flexible way to communicate with your customers. You are able to make changes and put up new content from the comfort of your own office no matter how many screens are connected to your solution and where in the world those screens are located.
This solution is more flexible, convenient, and cheaper than having to print and distribute posters to all of your vendors.

The moving content of a digital sign is also something that grabs attention on a whole other level compared to a static poster. Thereby, greatly increasing your chances of being noticed by potential customers.

How to get started

Well, first of all you need the KPIs and the dashboards. Preferably somewhere online, so they can be automatically updated. Then you need the screen and a Q-Play compatible media player to run your digital signage solution. And then of course you need a Q-Play subscription.

Most of our customers started by creating a free Q-Play account in order to test how it would work and how to incorporate their dashboards.

If your dashboard is in the form of an Excel sheet or publically available online you just pop it into our Excel or Website app and you are good to go. However, most companies don’t want their most internal numbers available for everyone to see, so they are placed online behind a log in. Here you can use our Web Automation app. Web Automation is an app in Q-Play that alows you to acess information placed behind log in and is therefore perfect for acessing dashboards and KPIs.

Q-Play Dashboard KPI

A Professional and Awesome Design?

Too much information in one screen can end up confusing you and your target audience more than it helps you motivate and keep track of your KPIs. With a professional design, you make sure that your KPIs are displayed in a stylish and useful way. Because who said KPIs need to be boring?

Do you need help designing your check-in, meeting room display, or digital signage? Fill out the contact form below and our graphic designer will be in touch as soon as possible.

Do you want a professional design?

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What is the Price?

There are 3 potentially 4 things that influence the price of your digital signage/dashboard solution.

The screen, which by far is also the most expensive one. We don’t have any screens for you to buy, we have several collaborative partners that we can refer you to regarding purchasing a screen. Give us a call or have a look at some of the screens here.

The Media player is the device/small computer that runs your solution. We have several options you can use. We have different types of software players, which you can download to your own hardware device. We also have a collaboration with Sony and LG, which means that you can get your Q-Play media player downloaded directly to your screen. Lastely, we have our three hardware media player versions. These work with any type of screen that has HDMI access.

The price of the media player depends on which player you end up using, because even though all of our players are of top quality, some are more suited for specific types of content than others. You can read all about how to choose the right player and their prices here under our Hardware options.

The Q-Play subscription, it is correct that you can try Q-Play for free, but when you want to connect a screen to your account, you need a subscription. That subscription you get for a very fair price. Depending on which media player you use, there might be a Q-Play startup fee. Read all about our subscription options and prices.

Extra set up help, sometimes extra help is needed, this could for example be in designing the best solution for you, when your Dashboard is placed online behind a log in. We are always ready to help whether it be coding a custom solution or designing your digital signage design. We do this on an hourly basis and the price for this can be found on our price page.

To sum up …

Using a Q-Play Digital Signage solution to display dashboards and KPIs around your company is a good idea because it saves you time. It makes your communication more efficient and helps you adapt so that different departments in your company only sees the information relevant to them. You no longer have to print and walk about hanging up old fashioned papers. You just design your signage solution, with your dashboards, from your computer and share them on all the screens you want.

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