Bronuts uses digital signage for digital price signage

With their innovation in donuts, Bronuts have become incredibly popular in Denmark in such a short time, so popular that they create rain queues. Bronuts sells donuts in all the flavors and colors you can imagine. They are also seasoned with i.a. caramel, chocolate, strawberries, marshmallows, licorice and wine gums.
The Bronuts started with one info screen for their store, but expanded very quickly as it did not have very large costs. Today, they use 8 info screens distributed in 8 stores for displaying digital price signs. The entire collaboration takes place with Proshop Europe, which is responsible for full support. Proshop Europe has also supplied the LG screens for Bronuts, which runs with our built-in Q-Play LG Player App. With an LG screen and our Q-Play LG Player, it’s easy to set up and view your content. Once you have designed the content of your info screen, you enter the connect code from our system and the content is then displayed on your Digital Signage. Changes to price list and content for the Digital Signage are easily done via the browser-based Q-Play Editor. In addition, Bronuts may change the content of all info screens across the country from a central team if there are changes in prices or otherwise.
”It has meant a lot to us that we were able to get started as soon as possible, and the collaboration with Proshop Europe has meant that we were able to concentrate on our company while the screens were installed. We are incredibly happy with this solution that fits perfectly into our business”
Brian Sørensen

Co-owner, Bronuts