Aalborg University chose the user-friendly Digital Signage solution

Aalborg University is known for its project work form, where students in small groups are allowed to work with a subject-relevant problem. Aalborg University works closely with the business community and the rest of the world, both when it comes to education and research. Aalborg University has campuses in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen as well as a strong international environment.

Aalborg University (AAU Career) wanted a communicative info screen solution that could easily convey practical information to the school’s many students and staff. That is why AAU University chose the Q-Play Digital Signage from NordicScreen, due to the very user-friendly platform. Aalborg University has designed their info screens themselves by using a very intuitive Q-Play Editor. They also take advantage of the many expansion options in the system with the wide selection of players and app for the screens.

“We needed a new Digital Signage solution for communicating various information to the university’s students and staff. The need was a flexible and user-friendly solution both in terms of software and hardware. We chose NordicScreen due to the user-friendly web platform, which is very reminiscent of working in eg PowerPoint, as many are already familiar with, as well as the flexibility of the small players, which can simply be connected to the HDMI port on any screen. The ability to easily manage content for many devices across the entire campus where the only requirement is an Internet connection is a big plus of the system.”

André AAU Karriere